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June 20th - Tomb of Sargeras

by TaelinSunfire, 25 days ago

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Mage Tower Champions

by TaelinSunfire, 31 days ago

Not long after the start on 7.2, several of our members were able to unlock their new artifact skin. We already mentioned Frava's Werebear - a belated congratulations to Scrazz and Mel!

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by TaelinSunfire, 34 days ago

What happens when during a Guild War Game you single out a healer and repetitively kill them?

Well, when it is a Priest it more than likely will end up with you being repetitively Life Gripped into mechanics that will kill you.

It may also include you being forced to transmogrify one piece of armor to pink for each subsequent death.

Better luck next time Deepz...

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Grats to Pinkamina!

by TaelinSunfire, 45 days ago

A special congratulations to Pinkamina who is the first among us to earn the Concordance of the Legionfall trait!

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Busy Few Weeks

by TaelinSunfire, 54 days ago

Good Job Everyone on Completing Legion Raiding Achievement, and some bonus Mythic kills.

Special props to Frava for getting his Were-bear skin!

Have you completed the Mage Tower Challenge?

Send Taelin a screenshot in Discord and I will feature it on the website!

Mythic Skorpyron

Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly

Mythic Trilliax

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