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"We specialize in obscene Ventrilo debaucheries, unpleasant photos of Mel's ass in a Las Vegas elevator, irritating high pitched whining, occasional clam packing, and oh we raid sometimes too."



To classify us as a raiding guild is really unfair. Yes, we raid - but we're more than that. We are friends, or have become friends through our time together. This holds us together when the game does not. Several members of the guild have been friends for years, and others are newer faces who just love our camaraderie, raid format, general attitude, and the fact that somehow our raids always turn into an NC-17 (at best) conversations.


People from every walk of the game's life are welcome - not just the raiders. Family, friends, and casual members also play with us. Legion offers a lot of freedom in terms on non-raid activities. We support this freedom by bringing any max level guild members with us on content we have on farm.


So join us! Be called an "assholes", die from falling, have your private life talked about with dozens of other people over the internet, and if you're lucky - get clam packed. Our clams are huge!



Guild Ranks

Hall of Fame: Guildmaster

 Cover Song: Guildmaster Alts

 Multi-Platinum: Officer

 Roadie: Officer Alts

 Platinum: Raider

 Stage Hand: Friends and Family

 B-Side: Alts

 One Hit Wonder: Trial


Current as of 2/20/2017


|About Us|Policy|Raiding|




All new members are required to fill out an application. This is a way for us to get to know you a little better. The application will progress to a short Vent conversation, and a trial membership if we're a good fit for each other.



Respect other players; both in & out of guild. 


Communicate your problems to the officers or Guild Master; we will find a resolution.       


Malicious behavior & derogatory slurs will not be tolerated.




Current as of 7/18/2016


|About Us|Policy|Raiding|


We are all adults, with jobs, families, and sometimes offspring creature things. Our game time is very precious to us; be ready to go, and where you need to be before raid time. You are part of a collaborative effort with other people who are counting on you to show up. Don't let them down!



Raiding Information

 Raiding Classifications

 Core Raiders: These players commit to showing up each week and are present during progression

 Friends & Family: When content becomes trivial any guild member is welcome to participate.

Information in this section applies to everyone

Raid Days

Raid Times (PST/Server)


6:30 PM - 10:00 PM


7:00 PM - 10:00 PM 

Loot System - Personal

When a boss drops an item - it is yours.

Trade loot you don't need, and all BoE's to the assigned person.

This person will distribute loot via Raid Warnings while the raid continues towards next boss.

If you are interested in the item; link the item you will be replacing in a whisper.

Example: I am replacing my Tolan's Bracers; this also gives me my (4) set.

The Officers & GM will decide who gets the item.

 Core Raiders get priority on this loot, but any interested person should send a tell.


Required Addons, Software, and Hardware

Exorsus Raid Tools

- Make your display name your main characters name.

Working Headset / Microphone

I stutter, and am awkward like a sock flavored pie. If I can do it, so can you.  :)



Core Raider Specific Information

Information in this section applies to Core Raiders



To maintain "Core Raider" status you must have 80% attendance over a 5-week period.

Bosses don't give up at 80% though, so 100% is your ideal attendance.

If your running late - contact us as time allows.

If you're going on vacation; that's exciting! Just let us know ahead of time.

If attendance becomes an issue - we will talk and try to find a resolution.


Raider Responsibilities

Fluent with your class, talents, and role during an encounter

Prepared with consumables & enchants/gems when the guild cannot provide them.

Progress your character outside of raids.

Comfortable UI, Macros, Keybindings.





 Current as of 5/31/2017



|About Us|Policy|Raiding|






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